Evil Author Day 2021

Series Begun: 2021-02

Description: This is the page where I will post any Evil Author Day works.

What is Evil Author Day? 

The original concept was to post the titles or descriptions of your in-process stuff and let people vote on what they’d like to see. I think many people have taken their own spin on how they choose what to post.

What’s the downside, and why is it evil? Well, there are no promises attached to this. I may never get back to it. There may never be more than what you see here. Or I may finish it next week. It’s read at your own risk. Seriously. I certainly welcome your feedback, but I promise that poking me continually about something doesn’t work. It may even be counterproductive. [pasted from Jilly James’ site]

Series Parts:

Fandoms: Beverly Hills 90210 (1990)   

Always Be My Baby – Brenda runs away but takes Valerie with her to Paris to get away. Will Dylan follow her and do whatever he has to, to win her back?

Fandoms: Harry Potter 

New Found Family – Harry goes to New York to meet a grandfather he never knew. Will he finally get the family he craves?

Fandoms: NCIS

Someone To Have His Back– Tony “Dom” DiNozzo finally sticks up for himself. Who all has his back? Will his lover let things go, or will he take charge to make sure certain people get exactly what they deserve?

Off The Beaten Path – Tony is more than meets the eye. What else does he do other than work as a Federal Agent? Why are the North America Prime’s so interested in him?

Fandoms: Sons of Anarchy

Wasting All These Tears – Lisette Redmond is a doctor, a soon-to-be-mother, and someone who doesn’t take shit from anyone. She survived being held hostage and killed her own captors before a team of Mercs entered the camp where she was being held. She lives and breathes her work because she loves helping others. She knows one of the Sons even if he doesn’t remember her. Will she finally get what and who her heart as wanted for as long as she could remember? Or is she destined to keep crying over the man? Will he remember her or was she just one of many?