Superheros, Federal Agents, SEALS,     First Responders, and Geeks, Oh My…

Creator: AngelNDarkness

Series Begun: 2021-01-29

Series Updated: 2021-01-29

Description: Follows Tony Stark and Anthony Dominic “Dom” DiNozzo from their first meeting through everything they go through to not only be together as a couple but as people in their own right. The people they meet and the friendships that will last a lifetime.

Notes: There will be a lot of pairings in this story, and not all of them will be one on one. Some will have 3 people in a relationship. As the series progresses, I will list the relationships here.

Series Parts:

Part 1: Iron Man and the Agent

Part 2: Iron Man, The Agent, and The SEAL – Coming Soon!