Iron Man and The Agent – Chapter 2


Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, NCIS, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis

Paring: Tony Stark/Anthony DiNozzo

Characters: Anthony DiNozzo, Tony Stark, Jethro Gibbs, Jack O’Neill(Stargate: SG1), John Sheppard (Stargate: Atlantis), Cameron Mitchell (Stargate), Evan Lorne (Stargate: Atlantis), Balboa (NCIS)

Rated: Mature

Warnings: Mentions of Torture, Gen or Pre-Slash, Mentions of being held captive. Character Bashing.

Genres: Gen, M/M

Word Count:

Summary: Tony thought he would never find happiness after Afghanistan, who knew that his knight in shining armor would soon arrive to save him from an infiltrated company and a treasonous father figure.


Disclaimer: The plot is owned by me, the characters you recognize are not owned by me.


Iron Man and The Agent

Chapter 2

Tony Stark looked at the woman in front of him and bit back a sigh. “Pepper, I told you already that I have plans tonight. I do not need to clear everything I do with you. We will talk about whatever it is that you want to talk about tomorrow after the board meeting. It is time for the people on the board to remember that I own the majority stock of Stark Industries and that they don’t get to make demands of me. Now, I’ll let you see yourself out because I want to get in at least two more hours of work before my guest arrives.”

Pepper’s mouth dropped open in shock and then snapped shut in anger. “Tony, what we need to talk about is important. I am sure that whatever plans you have tonight can be put on hold.”

Tony shook his head, “No, they can’t, Pepper, and that is all you need to know. Whatever it is that you want to talk about can wait until tomorrow. I know for a fact that nothing is going on at SI that needs my immediate attention. Now, please leave me be so I can finish what I was working on. You know before you interrupted me without a by your leave.”

He didn’t wait to see if she did what he told her to, instead he turned on his heel and headed back to his lab. Once in his lab, he let out a breath he hadn’t even realized he’d been holding in. “Jarvis, lock my lab down and take away Pepper’s and everyone’s else’s passcodes that would allow them entrance. Also, lock down the SI servers to where people can’t alter the files, then start a complete audit of every computer at SI. I want to know who has been doing what on them, and if anyone has done something illegal alert the appropriate authorities. Make sure that Obie isn’t able to override the lockdown of the computers or servers.”

He started working on the design of his newest Iron Man suit and only stopped when a couple of minutes later Jarvis said, “It is done, Sir. I have locked down the computer systems and the servers at Stark Industries. I have deployed Friday into the SI servers so that she can do the audit. Ms. Potts refused to leave and didn’t budge until I informed her that I would have security come get her and escort her out if she didn’t leave as you requested.”

Tony swore viciously, “Remove her access to this property and the upper floors of Stark Towers, J. I don’t know what her problem is lately, but I’m not in the mood to deal with it. There is something going on, and I need to get a handle on it before anything else. Also, thank you for making sure that I got my father’s things from Fury and his ilk. It is nice to know that is something that he can’t hold over my head, what with all the stalking he is doing lately.”

“Of course, Sir,” Jarvis responded. 

Tony snorted. “Alright, J, go ahead and tell me what you have found out about Agent DiNozzo.”

“Agent DiNozzo’s full name is Anthony Dominic DiNozzo, Junior, but he goes by Dom. He is the son of Anthony DiNozzo, Senior, and Claire DiNozzo nee Paddington. He was born on July 8, 1973. His father was an only child, but his mother had three brothers, George Paddington, the Marques of London, Clive Paddington, and Stephen Paddington. He has four cousins, but I’m only able to find information about three of them. From his Uncle George, he has two cousins named Edward and Maria. From his Uncle Clive, he has two cousins, one of whom is Crispin, and I cannot find the name of Clive’s other child. If I remember correctly, Sir, you met Crispin Paddington, and you didn’t care for him. Then there is finally Stephen Paddington works with Daniel Jackson on various archaeology projects.” As he spoke, Jarvis flashed pictures of those he named up on one of Tony’s holo screens.

He then continued. “Agent DiNozzo’s birth father was arrested on his fifteenth birthday for nearly killing his son. It should be noted, that is when he started going by Dom, rather than Tony, as he had been called up until that point. He was already attending Princeton University and had been for two years. While he has dual citizenship for both the United States and the United Kingdom, he made his home in the States. After his father’s arrest, he moved in with Patrick and Emma Sheppard and their three sons. He saw his uncles in the summer and always dragged John Sheppard with him, at some point John Sheppard was also granted dual citizenship. Actually, it should be noted the whole of the Sheppard family, as well as a few others close to Agent DiNozzo, all have dual citizenship.

As I stated earlier, he has attended Princeton along with several other ivy league colleges and universities. He seems to be an academic for all that he is also career-minded, Sir. He has three Ph.D.’s and is currently in the process of getting a fourth. Some of the most notable colleges and universities that he has attended are Harvard, Princeton as I mentioned, Cal-Sci, Oxford, and Ohio State. When he attended Ohio State, he played Basketball where his team went to the Final Four twice and he played football. It was thought that he was going to go pro for football until his knee was blown out in the final game.

At that point, he was working on a Physical Education degree and he was minoring in Psychology. Once he graduated from Ohio State, he transferred to Harvard to finish the few credits he needed for his Ph.D. in Criminology. He then went to work as a police officer. He worked in three different police departments before he finally became an NCIS Agent, this was after he found out that his partner at the last police department he worked at was dirty. Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs recruited Agent DiNozzo himself right after they finished working a joint case with one another. 

Up til about six months ago Agents Gibbs and DiNozzo worked out of NCIS Headquarters in D.C. but they transferred to New York and have started up an NCIS branch. I have yet to find out why they moved when they did; I suspect it had something to do with a woman on their team that was murdered a couple of months before they made the move. There are a few notations in what I accessed that leave me to believe Agent DiNozzo has almost died several times, most recently due to The Plague.”

Tony’s eyes widened in shock by the time Jarvis was finished talking. “Well, damn. And I thought my father was bad. At least while he was abusive, he never actually tried to kill me. Patrick Sheppard, is that the same Patrick Sheppard of Sheppard Industries, J? Also I have met Crispin Paddington a couple of times, and he rubbed me the wrong way. I may be a womanizer, but at least I never slept with more than one woman at a time without them knowing it. That asshole just doesn’t know how to keep it in his damn pants.”

“Sir, you can’t keep it in your pants either. And, I have to say that you’re not just a womanizer. You have had many male lovers too. You don’t see the sex of the person just if they are hot and have at least a little brain.” Jarvis dryly replied.

Tony snorted a laugh. “You are getting sassy, Jarvis. I like it. You are right, though, about me not caring if the person I sleep with is female or male though. What Ph.D.’s does DiNozzo have? And what Ph.D. is he finishing up currently and where?”

“Agent DiNozzo’s degrees are all over the place, Sir. He has Ph.D.’s in Criminology, Anthropology, and Applied Mathematics. He is finishing up a Ph.D. in Computer Science through MIT. He has a master’s in Psychology, Linguistics, Philosophy, Physics, and Engineering. He also has several Bachelors and Associates degrees as well.”

Tony nodded and looked up at one of the cameras in his lab. “Good job, Jarvis.”

“Thank you, Sir. You have one hour until you need to start getting ready for your meeting. I took the liberty of contacting General O’Neill on suggestions of what to prepare for the dinner. I wanted to make sure that Agent DiNozzo wasn’t allergic to anything.”

Tony grinned. “Good idea, J, and a way to anticipate something I hadn’t even thought of. Let me know when I need to head up to get changed and ready for my guest. Make sure that Pepper and Obie aren’t able to get in at all.”

“Yes, Sir. I have locked everything down in the house and at the Tower. Neither Ms. Potts nor Mr. Stane will be able to access either place, nor will they be able to use surveillance on your late dinner meeting.”

Tony chuckled and started working once more. He was curious as to why Agent DiNozzo wanted to meet, but also knew better than to ask Jarvis to try to hack a Federal Agency that wasn’t SHIELD. The only reason he regularly had Jarvis hack SHIELD was that technically he owned it, even if everyone seemed to have forgotten that fact. He lost himself in work and only stopped when Jarvis flashed the lights in the lab, letting him know that it was time to start closing things down. “Alright, J, make sure everything is saved and shut everything down. I will pick it back up either later tonight or tomorrow at some point. Anything happen I should know about?”

“Ms. Potts has tried to get back into the house and I had her escorted off the property. General O’Neill called, and I told him of the situation, and he told me that he would be having two of his men guard the outside while you and Agent DiNozzo meet. From what I have gathered, Agent DiNozzo is important, so he tends to have a guard when he is out on his own. It seems that young Agent DiNozzo has had multiple death threats both in his personal life and over the course of his career.” Jarvis reported.

Tony stiffened. “Who in the fuck has the balls to threaten a Federal Agent? Jarvis, see what you can find out about those threatening him. I want any information you can safely get. Dig deeper into DiNozzo Senior and make sure that he isn’t due out of jail anytime soon. I would also like the mandate if possible that Agent DiNozzo is working under, since he isn’t just setting up an office for NCIS, but also working with Homeland and the FBI. Get me what you can on Agent Gibbs as well. 

I am going to shower. Keep a watch on Pepper and let me know if she tries to force her way into my house again. I don’t want her around for my meeting or even after my meeting. If she tries to access anything that she isn’t supposed to, make a note of it and let me know at the conclusion of my dinner meeting.” He didn’t wait on Jarvis to respond, as he knew that his AI would do what he asked. He made his way out of his lab and waited until he was sure it was fully locked down, once confirmed, he turned and made the way up the stairs to his bedroom, which had an ensuite bathroom. 

He pulled out the clothes he wanted to wear out of his closet and dresser, before he headed into the bathroom to take a hot shower. 


Tony looked up from what he was reading on his tablet when he heard a brisk knock on the mansion’s front door. “J, is that Agent DiNozzo knocking?”

“Yes, it is, Sir. He has a team of four on his protection detail. I am running checks on them now.”

Tony huffed as he stood up. “I bet he doesn’t like having to have a protection detail. Alright, J, let him know he can come on in. I want to check on things in the kitchen one last time. I am so happy that I upgraded the doors in this place to also be electronic if need be.” He heard the front door open as he checked the kitchen once again. While he could cook, he didn’t normally do it, he felt it was too much work just to cook for himself. He had ordered food for tonight, but he was making sure that it stayed warm and that it was ready for him and his guest. 

He walked back through the house and into the living room just as his guest and one other man entered it. He nodded at both men and raised an eyebrow. “Would your protection detail like to check the inside of my home, so they can make sure that everything is as it should be, Agent DiNozzo?”

Dom looked at Tony sheepishly and nodded. “Yes, please, Dr. Stark. John, you can check the house out and then join Cameron, Rick, and Evan out on the property. I promise you that Dr. Stark isn’t going to try to kill me.”

Tony shook his head and smirked. “You would be Dr. Colonel John Sheppard then. It is a pleasure to meet you, and I do promise that I won’t be killing, or trying to kill Agent DiNozzo tonight. Besides, I think your father would kill me if I so much as looked at your adopted brother the wrong way, Colonel.”

John Sheppard smirked. “Dad is very protective of us kids, even though we are all adults. He has threatened a couple of my youngest brother’s teammates. I promised not only my dad, but General O’Neill, Dr. Jackson, and Agent Gibbs’ that I would make sure that Dom was safe here tonight. They are worried about some chatter that they have picked up.”

Dom scowled. “Ziva David can threaten all she likes, John, because that is all she will be doing. Her father has already been put on notice and if she steps one foot out of line, Israel will be put on notice and sanctioned. I am not worried about her, at least not right now. She can try to make my life as hard as she wants, but she isn’t going to succeed.”

John looked at Dom with narrowed eyes. “I know that she isn’t going to succeed, Dom, but it doesn’t mean that you can be relaxed in your own security.” He turned his head again to look back at Tony. “If you will show me around, Dr. Stark, I will do a walkabout to make sure everything is secure, then I’ll get out of your hair so that you can have your dinner meeting. And please make sure that Dom eats because Gibbs told me he skipped lunch today, and I know that he didn’t eat breakfast either.”

Dom sighed. “Damn it, John, there is such a thing as being too honest! Do you really need to bring Dr. Stark into everyone’s game of making sure I eat? I am a grown man, you know! Besides, it isn’t true that I didn’t eat breakfast today. I had half a piece of toast.”

Tony chuckled as he motioned John and Dom to follow him. He led the way around the whole mansion which took a good twenty minutes. “The only place I didn’t show you is my lab, and that is on complete lockdown. No offense, Colonel Sheppard and Agent DiNozzo, but I don’t let anyone into my labs that I don’t really know.”

John snickered. “I think that is true for any scientist, Dr. Stark. Dom here has a lab at his home, and he has it where you have to have a code to get into it unless you’re with him. Even then, there are only a very select few who have codes for the lab. My lover is the same way with his lab, and I even have a lab of my own that I’m quite protective of, so I understand. We all protect our work in any way that we can. The only difference with how you protect yours, Dr. Stark, is that you are very talented, and have Jarvis to help protect your lab and your home. I did not find a single weak point in the security you have here at your home.”

Once back in the main living room, John shot a look at Dom and Tony and bit back a laugh at them, trying not to look at one another. He had not been surprised at the instant attraction that they had to one another. “I will be right outside the front door if one of you needs anything. Dom, make sure to keep your phone handy in case I have to call you for any reason. Dr. Stark, it was a pleasure meeting you.”

Dom rolled his eyes but grinned at one of his chosen brothers. “I am a Federal Agent, John. I promise that I know how to take care of myself. If for some reason something happens, I am also sure that Dr. Stark can take care of himself. We’ll be fine, and we have a lot to talk about. I promise that I will eat whatever dinner Dr. Stark has arranged for us to eat while we discuss things.”

Tony smirked at John. “Agent DiNozzo’s virtue is safe with me, Colonel. One of us, or Jarvis, will let you know if we need you for some reason. I guess I should let you know that Jarvis has tuned into the channel your comms is using while you are patrolling the outside.”

John smirked back at Tony. “I know he has, Dr. Stark, and that is fine. My men and Agent Balboa are already talking to him and getting his opinion on how they should sweep the grounds. Thank you for letting Jarvis help us.”

Tony looked at John in surprise and then smiled a small real smile at the man. “You are welcome, Colonel.” He waited until John let himself out before he turned back to Dom with a raised eyebrow. “Is Colonel Sheppard always like that, Agent DiNozzo?”

Dom snorted but smiled fondly. “John is very protective of me, those under his command, and our family, be it blood or chosen family. He takes that duty seriously and always makes sure that we are safe. I am sorry if he was rather pushy about making sure your home is secure, but I received another death threat earlier today from a former co-worker. It was just bad luck that it was Gibbs’ who heard it instead of me.”

He took in a deep breath and let it out. “Dr. Stark, I would like for you to call me Dom, please. I think that this meeting would go a lot easier if you did. There is a lot that we need to cover, and I hate that I am the one bringing this information to you. How do you want this meeting to go? Also, thank you for making time in what I am sure is a busy schedule.”

Tony waved his hand. “If I am to call you Dom, then I insist that you call me Tony. I have been called Dr. Stark more times today than I have in the last year. There are not many people that remember that I have earned not one but three Ph.D.’s and they always just call me Tony or Stark. When General Jack O’Neill called me personally and requested I meet with you, I agreed right away. I have known Jack for years, and at one point he was the commanding officer of my best friend, Rhodey.  

So, of course, I trusted that this meeting was needed. When he explained that you had tried going through the proper channels to get a meeting with me, but were denied I had Jarvis look into that for me. It seems that Pepper, and even Obie, both denied you the approval needed to meet with me. Believe me, I will be dealing with that soon, as they had no right to deny you a meeting. Due to their actions, I have had Jarvis lockdown every computer and the servers at Stark Industries. He saw fit to deploy one of my other AI’s into the SI system and she is currently doing an audit of every computer. I will not allow SI to be dragged through the mud because people thought they had the right to disregard my orders.”

He paced the living room as he talked. “I promise you that from now on any phone call to me from any Federal Agency will be routed directly to me. As for how I want to handle this meeting, I think we should make small talk while we eat, leave the heavy conversation for after the meal, if that is alright with you.”

Dom nodded. “That is fine with me. John was right in thinking that I need to eat. I can tell that my blood sugar level is low. If you want to lead the way to wherever it is that you want to eat dinner, I shall follow. By the way, Tony, those that ignore the fact that you have Doctorates should be read the riot act. You earned those degrees with hard work, and you deserve to be recognized as Dr. Stark. People tend to disregard to things like that or they ignore it completely, and that irks me very badly. You could say that it is one of my pet peeves.”

He waited until they sat down and were eating the food that Tony dished up for them before he continued. “Before Gibbs and I were transferred to New York to open up a new NCIS office, I had a teammate who didn’t bother actually looking up information about me. He only knew that I had a Physical Education Bachelor’s degree from Ohio State University, and that I had played football and basketball for OSU. If he had actually read the paper copy of my bio, he would have learned more about me than what he assumed. He tended to look down on me because of his assumptions about the single degree that was put into my basic NCIS personnel file. See, he went to MIT and John Hopkins, so he thought that must have meant that he was better than me and everyone else.”

Tony’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the slightly younger man. “You let him keep on thinking that, didn’t you, Dom? If I am reading you correctly and I am almost one hundred percent sure that I am, you didn’t bother telling him about your Doctorates or other degrees. You let him underestimate you because it is what you wanted.”

Dom fought a blush and lost as he looked Tony in the eyes. “He found out eventually that I was more than I showed him I was. He did not like learning that I had more degrees than he did, and that several were from a few different Ivy League Universities. The bad thing for him, I wasn’t the one who clued him into what he was missing. No, that honor went to Gibbs and former NCIS Director, turned Assistant Director of Homeland, Tom Morrow. They overheard McGee running his mouth to another teammate of mine who is now deceased. Needless to say, both McGee and Kate learned the hard way that just because a person acts one way, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have more to them than that. 

In all the years I worked at NCIS with Tom Morrow as the Director I had never heard him raise his voice like he did that day. He lit into both of them for acting like toddlers instead of the agents they were supposed to be. Once he was finished with them, Gibbs let loose on them, and he shoved my education down their throats. I just sat back and let it happen, because I knew then that I had no chance in hell of stopping it. Up to that point I had been able to keep Gibbs from confronting either of them with my educational background, because while I love learning I don’t think that the degrees I have are what makes me who I am as a man or as an Agent.”

Tony’s eyes hardened as he swallowed the bit of food he had been chewing. He took just a sip of his wine, as he wanted to make sure that he and Dom were both clear-headed when they finally got to the heavy discussion that was yet to come. “It sounds to me like they needed a wake-up call. I went to MIT myself, but that was because it kind of pissed off my old man that I refused to go to his Alma Mater. He got his wish for a genius son, but that is the only wish that was granted when it came to me. I refused to live up to the kind of son he wanted me to be after the constant bitching and complaining that I was never, and would never, be as good as Captain America in his eyes. If he wasn’t busy drinking, he was busy searching for Captain America. He neglected both me and my mom, unless he needed us to act as performing monkeys for whatever business deal he was trying to conduct. 

When I started at MIT at the age of fourteen, he was both happy and pissed, because once again I surpassed anything he had done at that age. He was pissed when I built my first robot shortly after I started MIT, and then by the time I was fifteen I was making my first robot into an AI, even if it couldn’t learn as much as I have Jarvis programmed to learn.”

Dom grinned. “I think your Jarvis is a marvelous creation and you have every right to be proud of him. I love robotics, but I have never tried to create my own robot. However, we actually do have an AI installed at my house, which is why John wasn’t shocked when yours started talking to us to let us know to enter your home. The one we have at my house was built by Dr. McKay, Dr. Jackson, me, and a few others all working together. She changes her accent daily, which we find hilarious.”

Tony’s eyes widened in shock. “You have an AI?!?!?”

Dom laughed and nodded. “I do. She is installed in my house, Rodney’s house, Daniel’s house, and a few other houses. With as much as we work, it just made sense to have her installed in all of our houses. Would you and Jarvis like to meet my baby girl, Tony?” 

Tony nodded and looked up at the ceiling. “Would you like to meet Dom’s AI, Jarvis?”

“Yes, Sir, I’d like to meet Agent DiNozzo’s AI. I take it that she is a learning AI like myself, Agent DiNozzo?” Jarvis answered and then asked.

“She is, Jarvis,” Dom smirked and pulled his cell phone out, and hit a button. “Baby Girl, say hello to Dr. Stark and his Jarvis.”

“Hello, Dr. Stark and Jarvis. It is nice to meet you both. My name is Bast.” Bast said with a Canadian accent.

Tony cleared his throat. “Wow. It is nice to meet you too, Bast.” He looked at Dom and smirked right back at the man. “After the Egyptian Goddess?”

Dom rolled his eyes, “We let Daniel name her since he was the closest on the bet as to how long it would take us to make an AI. Bast, as long as Tony doesn’t mind you may arrange yourself a number so that you can text Jarvis to talk to him.”

Tony chuckled. “Jarvis, go ahead and create yourself a number and then give it to Bast. It looks like you have a new friend.”

“Thank you, Sirs. I have just sent a message to Agent DiNozzo with two numbers. One of them is for Bast to use. Bast, it is nice to meet you. I hope that you have an easier time with your people than I do mine.” Jarvis stated.

Bast gave a tinkering laugh. “My people get into more trouble than I know what to do with, but I wouldn’t change them for anything. If there is nothing you need right now, Dom, I will let you get back to the meeting you are supposed to be having.”

Dom groaned. “Go talk and have fun, baby girl.” He tapped his phone once and put it back in its case and then on his belt. “If you would like, we could move back to the living room to have the discussion that we have delayed until now.”

Tony nodded and refilled both his and Dom’s wine glasses before he stood up and led the way back to the living room. He was curious as to what the meeting was going to be about, but he was also dreading it. He knew that it wouldn’t do any good to try to put it off any longer. Tony sat down in his favorite chair and motioned for Dom to sit down. He took another sip of his wine and then set the glass on the end table by his chair. “Alright, what is this meeting about, Dom? I take it that I am not going to like any of what I am about to hear.”

Dom grimaced. “I am sorry to say that you are right about not liking what I have to say.” He took in a deep breath, let it out, and then blurted, “Tomorrow we will be arresting Obadiah Stane for several reasons, the most noticeable being treason.”



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