Iron Man and The Agent – Chapter 3


Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, NCIS, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis

Paring: Tony Stark/Anthony DiNozzo

Characters: Anthony DiNozzo, Tony Stark, Jethro Gibbs, Jack O’Neill(Stargate: SG1), John Sheppard (Stargate: Atlantis), Cameron Mitchell (Stargate), Evan Lorne (Stargate: Atlantis), Balboa (NCIS)

Rated: Mature

Warnings: Mentions of Torture, Gen or Pre-Slash, Mentions of being held captive. Character Bashing.

Genres: Gen, M/M

Word Count:

Summary: Tony thought he would never find happiness after Afghanistan, who knew that his knight in shining armor would soon arrive to save him from an infiltrated company and a treasonous father figure.

Disclaimer: The plot is owned by me, the characters you recognize are not owned by me.


Iron Man and The Agent

Chapter 3

Tony’s mouth dropped open in shock and then snapped shut. He jumped out of his chair and started pacing in agitation, “Are you fucking kidding me? How in the hell is Obie being arrested for treason? What in the fuck is going on? I knew something was off with him, but I never once suspected treason! What other charges is he being arrested on? Are you able to tell me any more than what you just blurted out? Level with me, Agent DiNozzo.”

Dom held up both hands and stood up. He stepped forward and got in Tony’s path as the man turned to pace back toward his chair. “Tony, I thought we decided that you would call me Dom. I would not be here if I couldn’t level with you and bring you into our investigation into Stane. We’ve also discovered that you also have a couple of SHIELD spies in different departments of Stark Industries. I promise that I will tell you anything you want to know, but I need for you to calm down first, please. I had to get Jack’s permission to bring you into the investigation, because tomorrow when we arrest Obadiah Stane, I would like to do it publically at Stark Industries to make it clear to those who think it is acceptable to use you and your business for such bullshit.

I have also gotten permission from AJ Chegwidden, the new SECNAV, Tom Morrow, who I already told you is the new Assistant Director of Homeland Security, Jack who of course is the SECDEF, and General George Hammond, the Director of Homeland Security to arrest the SHIELD agents who have infiltrated your company. There is no reason that SHIELD can give, that will get them out of the tight spot they have just put themselves in. Beyond the actions of Obadiah Stane, there is no current investigation into Stark Industries, or yourself, therefore there is no valid reason for SHIELD to have sent in undercover operatives.”

His eyes grew cold. “Right about now, Fury is being put on ice and given one hell of a verbal lashing. He will not be released from wherever Gibbs and Jack place him until after the arrests of his agents. It is time that Fury learns that he just can’t do what he wants, when he wants just because he wants something that he has no right to. I do hope that you have the paperwork ready to file to patent your Iron Man armor, I would hate for some unscrupulous government officials to get their hands on your beautiful suit of armor.”

Tony swallowed hard, even as he nodded shakily. He couldn’t believe that the other man had already figured out that he was Iron Man. “How did you figure it out?”

Dom smirked. “I think we have already established that I’m a genius just like you. Once I saw what was in your chest, and got a good look at a photo of who the press dubbed as Iron Man, it wasn’t hard to put two and two together. It also helped that I saw you take off once from Stark Tower. I won’t tell anyone who doesn’t already know that you’re Iron Man. You should know that Gibbs, John, Patrick, Jack, and Daniel all guessed that you are Iron Man as well. I would not be surprised if Rodney, Cameron, Evan, and my other 2 brothers have figured it out as well, but I promise you that they won’t tell anyone until after you tell the world yourself. We are all pretty good with secrets. Now, are you ready to sit back down so we can have this long and difficult conversation while we’re at least sitting comfortably if nothing else?”

Tony snorted and then threw his head back and laughed. Because seriously, he should have figured out that someone would guess that he was Iron Man. Once he was calm again, he sat back down in his chair and got comfortable. “Alright, I will come back to the Iron Man thing, later on, Dom, because there are some things you are obviously leaving out right now. Why is Obie being arrested for treason? What other charges are you pressing against him? Who are the spies in my company? Do I need to be worried about them selling my company secrets?”

Dom bit back his own laughter as Tony threw question after question after question at him. Once he was sitting back on the couch, he took a drink of his wine and placed it back on the glass coffee table in front of him. He wanted to fix his black dress slacks that felt like they were suddenly too tight on him. He could only hope that Tony didn’t realize that he had a sudden erection. He licked his lips to wet them as he sat back against the very nice leather couch. “First, I need to ask you a couple of questions that may make you remember something you would rather not to remember, Tony. I would not ask them if it wasn’t important.”

Tony ran a hand through his hair and stared moodily out the picture window in his living room. “You want to ask me about Afghanistan. What do you need to know? Have you not read the reports filed on my kidnapping and subsequent escape?”

Dom bit his lip and shook his head sadly. “I prefer to get firsthand accounts where I can, Tony. I know that Gibbs read the reports, but I chose not to because I didn’t want to take the chance that I would miss something because I have a preconceived impression of what happened.”

Tony sighed and nodded in reluctance. “I get what you’re saying, Dom. Ask away.”

Dom took in a deep breath and let it out before he leaned forward for his wineglass. He gulped down the rest of the wine in his glass and put it back on the table yet again. He took a minute to order his thoughts as he got comfortable once more. He hated that he was going to bring unpleasant memories up for the older man, but he didn’t see a way around it if he wanted to have everything right in his head by the time they arrested Stane tomorrow. “Did any of those who were holding you captive talk about the person who hired them or why they were the ones hired?”

Tony frowned as he thought back to those three months he was held captive. He hated remembering that time. He hated reliving losing Yinsen as he did. “I remember hearing one of them talk about how they should have demanded more money than they did for kidnapping me, because when they accepted the job they hadn’t realized who I was. I tried to figure out who paid them to kidnap me, but I never found a trace I could follow. Are you saying Obie hired those fuckers to kidnap me? Why in the hell would he do that?”

Dom ran a hand down his face. “I will answer those questions, but one more question first. Have you read your father’s will yourself?”

Tony shook his head. “I have been meaning to read Howard’s will, but I kept getting pulled into new contracts. What does my father’s will have to do with anything?”

Dom swore long and hard. “You need to read Howard’s will the first chance you get. For now, I will give you the highlights of it. When you turned thirty-five, all shares that Stane had been given should have reverted back to you. The only reason they wouldn’t be, is if Stane paid you outright for them. It was in the contract that Howard Stark had Stane sign when he first started Stark Industries. Also, when you turned thirty-five, Stark Industries was supposed to start moving in a different direction because Howard didn’t want you to only be in the weapons business. He figured that by the time you were thirty-five that SI would have made quite a bit of money from other ventures and you would have a lot put away so that you would be able to take the company in a new direction.

If I had to take a guess, Stane didn’t like that, so he has made sure that you haven’t had any free time to go poking around like you eventually would have. He doesn’t have the money to outright pay you for his shares because he has three mistresses, a kid with each, and a tendency to gamble, drink and do drugs. If you would have changed the company’s direction at the start, you wouldn’t have been making as much money as you had been, and Stane couldn’t let that happen.

If you had died while you were kidnapped, Stane was sure that your will would have made him the CEO of Stark Industries. And if it didn’t he figured since he was the COO of SI at that point, he could contest any will, since you were spending more time building weapons and doing R&D than you were actually running the company.”

Tony sucked in a breath at that information and closed his eyes in pain. “I always hated that he left me a company that dealt almost solely in weapons. Even if I would have died while I was held captive, Obie wouldn’t have ended up with Stark Industries. I have a will made out, and I asked O’Neill to help me with it, I knew before Afganistan that I didn’t just want SI to be building weapons. The will he helped me write had stipulations for the future of SI. If I had died, SI would’ve ceased making weapons and moved into protection of the armed forces and bulletproof vehicles, which is the first thing I changed when I got home. Later on this year SI, the Air Force, and the Navy will be announcing a joint project to help build better land, air, and sea vehicles for the Armed Forces. 

I have also started a line of cell phones, tablets, and computers based on the technology I have made. There are several things in the works that I haven’t outright discussed or told anyone of because I want to make sure that they happen, and I want to be sure that nobody can steal my designs or ideas. I want the world that we live in to be better than it is. I don’t want to be just known for death, Dom. I want to be known for life and life-changing innovations.”

Dom smiled softly at Tony. “I have no doubt that you will do just that, Tony. Moving on, yes, it was Stane who arranged to have you kidnapped. He expected them to kill you outright instead of holding you captive and trying to make you build them weapons. When you escaped, he figured that he was in the clear, at least until you announced at that Press Conference that Stark Industries would be moving out of the weapons industry, and that you would be moving the SI HQ to New York. We picked up communications with him, trying to find and hire someone to kill you before you finished up the existing government contracts. You moving to New York almost right away put a kink into his plans.”

Tony sighed. “So, that is why he tried to get me to stay in California so badly. He knew that if I moved that he would’ve a harder time getting to me. Unlike at my house in Malibu, he isn’t on the approved list for unfettered access to me at the mansion. He has to actually make an appointment with me to be able to get in to see me. I get that he will be brought up on charges of kidnapping and other related charges. Now, where does the treason charge come into play?”

Dom looked Tony straight in the eyes as he finally answered the original question. “He was selling weapons under the table to terrorist groups, Tony. He was selling SI weapons to the Ten Rings, Al Qaeda, and other terrorist groups, including a few domestic terrorist groups. That right there makes it where we can charge him with treason. He really should have thought things through, but he wanted to make a quick buck. He is going to have a lot of time to regret his choices. He will be lucky if Gitmo is the only place that he sees himself by the time everything is said and done with. He should have used the brain that he had been given. Our investigation into him has also turned up that he was embezzling money from your company, and he has been fudging his tax returns. He is not only going to owe you money, but he is going to owe Uncle Sam quite a large sum of money as well.”

Tony swore and stood up. He stalked to the dining room table and grabbed the wine bottle and then stalked back to his seat. He refilled his and Dom’s wine glass before he sat back down. He drank a big gulp out of his wineglass and put it back on the end table beside his chair. He mentally counted to thirty and calmed himself down before he did or said something that he would regret come the next day. 

He took a deep breath and let it out slowly as he looked at one of the cameras; he had installed in the living room. “J, make sure that you change all of Obie’s passcodes to any SI property. I want his access completely cut off except for the basic admittance into the buildings. I want him at level two with limited access to the computers once the complete audit is finished. Make sure to have Friday pay special attention to all of Obie’s electronics.”

“Of course, Sir,” Jarvis said. 

Tony nodded once and looked back at Dom, who was just looking at him in concern. He shook his head slightly. “I am not going to shoot, kill, or maim the messenger of this horrible information, Dom. I want to thank you for bringing it to my attention. Is there anything else about Obie I should be made aware of? Also, I will agree to you arresting him at SI tomorrow if I can be there to watch as you arrest the bastard. I would like to request that you make sure to read the charges loud enough for those in the vicinity to hear.”

Dom shook his head and quirked an eyebrow at Tony. “Well, I am happy to know that you’re not going to shoot, kill, or maim me in any way, shape, or form, Tony. There is nothing else about Stane that we need to discuss unless you can think of something. As for you being at SI when we arrest Stane, I don’t see a problem with it as long as you promise not to get in our way during the arrest. I don’t think that you want him to be able to use the fact that you hit him or something to get you to agree to help get him out of the shitload of trouble that he’s in.”

Tony smirked at that because it was surprising that Dom would pick up on something like that concerning him. “I promise not to get in your way when you arrest, Obie. I can also promise not to hit him, if that would make you feel better about me being present. You said something about SHIELD having spies in my company. Do you know who they are and where they’re placed? I need to get them out of my company quickly before they end up with information that they shouldn’t have. I will be making Fury’s life a living hell because he has no right to place his fucking agents in my business. What I get up to is none of his damn business. I am not on SHIELD’s payroll and I refuse to be even as a consultant if this is the way they act and operate. He’s committing corporate espionage and I would like to see him charged as such, especially if his spies cause me or SI legal issues.

I know for a fact that it isn’t legal for them to place someone in my company as they have. My company deals with too much sensitive information. I would have heard about it if they had gotten a warrant for my business. What in the fuck was Fury thinking? Did he really think I wouldn’t figure out that he put a damn spy in my business? Let me guess, at least one of the spies is Natalie Rushman.”

Dom’s lips compressed as anger flashed in his eyes. “I was able to find out and determine that Rushman’s real name is Natalia Romanoff and she’s a level six SHIELD Agent. You messed up SHIELD’s plans when you transferred Rushman to act as Ms. Potts Personal Assistant instead of keeping her as yours. There are two other SHIELD agents in your business, but both of them are monitored closely and they don’t have access to anything that could compromise any of the contracts you are currently finishing out. If I had to guess, they were placed where they were in the hopes that Rushman wouldn’t be found out to be an agent of SHIELD. They were smokescreens, so to speak.”

Tony growled low in his throat in anger. “Do you plan on arresting all three of them or just Romanoff? Personally, I would appreciate it if you arrested all three of them and got them the fuck out of my business. I am so damn happy now that I haven’t signed the papers installing Pepper as CEO of Stark Industries. Right now, she is just acting CEO, but she has to run everything by me before she can have it implemented. I am going to have to have new contracts drawn up for several things I’m working on, since Rushman signed as a witness, and since that isn’t her true or legal name that means the paper the contracts were typed up on isn’t worth a fucking damn.” 

He leaned forward with his elbows on his knees as he thought about everything he would have to do to make things right with his business once more. He wanted to scream, but he knows that screaming wouldn’t help anything at all. “Fuck! Pepper insisted that I hire on Rushman, even though something about her rubbed me the wrong way. There was just something off about her, but Pepper told me I was imagining things. Does Pepper know that Rushman is a fucking plant? Did she let a government agent in my business?”

Dom shrugged his shoulders apologetically. “I am not sure if Ms. Potts knew just who Rushman was, but she did know that the background check was hiding something, even if she couldn’t tell just what it was hiding. I can’t say for sure if Ms. Potts ever found out what Rushman was hiding or not, but if she hasn’t, then I think she needs to attend some seminars on how to run a business.”

Tony knew that Dom spoke the truth and relaxed back in his chair. “That is partly why I haven’t signed the papers yet, making Pepper the CEO of Stark Industries. I needed to be able to see that she could run my business without any interference from me, really. Unfortunately for her and me, she failed the test. I can’t leave SI in her hands if I want my company to prosper. Well, I technically could and just be the person behind the CEO, but I don’t want to have to do that.

I want, no, I need time to be able to work on projects that I have put on the back burned too many times. You seem to know a lot about business. Did you ever want to be running one of your own?”

Dom coughed when the sip of wine he drank went down the wrong way in shock. “Bite your tongue, man! I may know more about business than I thought I ever would, but no, I never wanted to run one. Patrick talked to John, me, David, and Aidan all about business and then left it up to us on what we wanted to do. At first, he started planning out John’s life for him, but he changed real quick when I came to live with them. He realized that it wasn’t fair to mold John into the person he wanted him to be. 

John is my older brother and Patrick had a lot to work through, but they got there thankfully. John takes after Patrick more than he thinks, because there is nothing that both of them would do to keep their loved one’s safe. John would kill anyone he had to, to keep any and all of us safe, while Patrick would ruin those who dared to try to hurt any and all of us. I get why you don’t want to run the business yourself, but honestly, you could just instill someone as President and keep the CEO title for yourself. If you install a President, then he or she can deal with the day to day running of SI and you could focus more on what you want for your business.”

Tony hummed as he thought about what Dom had just said to him. He knew that the younger man was right, and he wondered why he hadn’t thought of doing that himself. Actually, he knew why he hadn’t thought of that himself. He had been busy since his return from Afghanistan and hadn’t taken the time to think things through. Instead, he had focused on getting his Iron Man suit perfected because he never wanted to feel as vulnerable as he did while he was held captive. 

If he went with the idea of having a President instead of a CEO, then he could install Pepper in that position, as long as she understood that he had a final say on anything to do with his business. The more he thought about it, the more he liked the idea. He grinned at Dom in appreciation of the other man’s quick mind. “You raise a good point, Dom. Actually, you raised several good points, and I plan on taking them all into consideration and then making the changes that I need to. Will you be arresting Rushman at the same time that you arrest Obie?”

Dom snickered at that because he could tell from the look in Tony’s eyes that the older man hoped that both Stane and Rushman would be arrested at the same time. “Yes, both arrests will be made at the same time, and both will be done publicly. Miss Rushman will not get the chance to do any more harm to your business than she already has. Once we have Rushman in custody and in an interrogation room, she will learn just how badly she has fucked up. I am actually looking forward to making her life miserable.”

“I would like to know if she told Fury anything about my business that she shouldn’t have. I don’t appreciate them putting people in undercover, especially after I have told them more than once that I wouldn’t supply them with any weapons or anything like weapons, and they still have no problem trying to find out information that they have no right to. Everything that Rushman touched will have to be gone over with a fine-tooth comb to make sure that she didn’t fuck any of my business dealing up.” Tony hissed. He was almost vibrating with anger at the thought of SHIELD being inside his business. 

Dom looked at Tony with narrowed eyes. “Rushman will learn just how much she has to answer for, come tomorrow. It won’t matter that she is a Federal Agent because she should have known better than to infiltrate Stark Industries like she did, especially in the position that she did. She will be having a gag order placed on her about anything she saw while working at Stark Industries. If she so much as tells Fury anything, she will be in front of a judge quicker than she can blink. If she has already told Fury anything, then a gag order will be placed on him. 

She will not be allowed to use any information she gathered about you or your business to further any of her or SHIELD’s aims.” He breathed in deeply and slowly let it out as he tried to think of how to word what he wanted to say next. He didn’t want to offend Tony, but he just had to know the answer to a question that he had been wondering about since he got a close look at the thing in Tony’s chest. “May I ask you a personal question? From one scientist to another?”

Tony looked at Dom, intrigued. “You can ask, but I have the right to decline to answer it.”

Dom chuckled lightly at that. “Fair enough. The thing in your chest, what do you call it? And what are you using to power it?”

Tony silently swore in his head because he should have realized that Dom would be interested in the Arc Reactor in his chest. “It is called an Arc Reactor and currently Pallidum is powering it. I am trying to find something else to power it because I am slowly being poisoned by Pallidum poisoning. I recently got my father’s things from Fury, well only after I threatened him with court. I am hoping that something in my father’s things will help me find an idea of what I can use to power it.”

Dom nodded lightly. “If you need any help with research, let me know. I am going to text my number to the number Jarvis reserved for himself. If you would like, I could also talk to Rodney and see if he has any ideas on what you could use to help power it. I am taking that there is a reason why you left it in your chest other than the fact that it glows a very pretty blue color.”

Tony snorted and then fell back slightly in his chair as he laughed. He had to admit that it felt good to tell someone about the fact that he was slowly dying due to Pallidum poisoning and not being looked at like he was an idiot. He wiped the tears from his eyes that leaked out from him, laughing so hard that he cried, and looked at Dom with determination. “I would appreciate any help that you could give. I don’t know why I told you, when I haven’t even told Rhodey after Pepper’s reaction when I slipped up and told her, but I feel like I can trust you not to use the fact that I’m dying against me.”

Dom’s eyes hardened at Tony’s words. “No offense, Tony, but if Ms. Potts is trying to use the fact that you are slowly dying against you, you need to do something about her. I will talk to Rodney tomorrow and see what he has to say. For now, I should probably go so that you can get some rest before tomorrow.”

Tony frowned but nodded and stood up. “Thank you for coming to talk to me before you made your move on Obie and my SHIELD plants. Not many people would do what you did, so thank you.”

Dom stood up and shook his head. “You have no need to thank me. I have been in Law Enforcement for years, so I always try to put myself in the other person’s shoes when dealing with a case. It helps to remind me that everyone is human. I only talk to others how I would like to be talked to. If you need me before we see each other tomorrow, Jarvis has my number. Don’t hesitate to call me if you need help with anything, Tony.”

Tony smiled slightly at Dom as he opened the front door. “I won’t, but I think that I will actually go to bed here soon. I want to make sure that I’m sufficiently rested for tomorrow.”

Dom grinned and after he nodded once more at Tony in respect, he walked out of the man’s home. He shot a grin at John and let his brother lead him back to their SUV. He admitted to himself that he enjoyed meeting Tony. He couldn’t help but wonder if it would be alright to ask the man out once tomorrow’s arrests were completed. He wouldn’t mind going out on a date with the older man to see if they had anything in common.


Tony closed and locked the front door and then sighed. “J, complete lockdown of the mansion and the grounds as soon as Dom’s SUV goes out the gate. I want all calls blocked if anyone calls. I think I am going to call it a night. Wake me up if there is an emergency.”

“Sleep well, Sir, you deserve it. And may I say that I am happy that you met Agent DiNozzo? I think you and he would make great friends. It isn’t often that you meet someone who is as smart as you.” Jarvis stated. 

Tony chuckled as he headed to his suite. He had to admit, even if only to himself, that he wouldn’t mind going on a date with the younger man. He felt like they had things in common. Also, it was clear with what the man had been wearing, that if they dated the other man wouldn’t be dating him because of his money. He stripped down to his boxers and climbed into his bed as he let his thoughts run wild of Dom. Once he fell asleep, he dreamed about the other man. 


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