Iron Man and The Agent

Iron Man and The Agent

Title: Iron Man and the Agent

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, NCIS, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis

Paring: Eventually Tony Stark/Anthony DiNozzo

Rated: Mature

Characters: Anthony DiNozzo, Tony Stark, Jethro Gibbs, Jack O’Neill(Stargate: SG1), John Sheppard (Stargate: Atlantis), Cameron Mitchell (Stargate), Evan Lorne (Stargate: Atlantis), Balboa (NCIS)

Warnings: Mentions of Torture, Gen or Pre-Slash, Mentions of being held captive. Character Bashing.

Genres: Gen, Mature (For Mentions of Torture)

Series: Superheros, Federal Agents, SEALS, and Geeks, Oh My…

Word Count:

Summary: Tony thought he would never find happiness after Afghanistan, who knew that his knight in shining armor would soon arrive to save him from an infiltrated company and a treasonous father figure.

Disclaimer: The plot is owned by me, the characters you recognize are not owned by me.


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Author Notes

A/N: This story is the first in a series and it is written for Every Fandom Reverse Bang… Art for the story created by Penumbra, Check it out here

I want to thank my Beta: Dream Howler and HarleyJQuin for doing such a wonderful job!!!

While the timeline for MCU remains pretty much intact, I have changed the location. So instead of being in California, Tony Stark moved to New York shortly after his return from Afghanistan. NCIS’s timeline is pretty much out the window as I won’t be following the episodes closely at all. The only thing you really need to know is that while she isn’t in this story much, if at all, Jenny Shepard is currently the Director of NCIS. Oh, and Gibbs didn’t quite get blown up to the point he lost his memory of everything.

The story was written for the Every Fandom Reverse Bang. (You might wanna write something here to explain it if you want.)

Betas: Dream Howler, HarleyJQuin, and Angelic Insanity.

You can find me on my Discord: Fandoms and Fun Discord.

Angel N Darkness

I started writing as a teenager and just never really quit. I love to read and write. I read and write for several different fandoms and that will show as I put more and more onto my website.

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